The Share the Facts widget provides a new way for readers to share fact-check articles and spread them virally across the Internet.

The compact Share the Facts box summarizes the claim being checked and the fact-checkers’ conclusion in a mobile-friendly format. The widgets have a consistent look but can be customized with the fact-checkers’ logos and ratings, such as Pinocchios or the Truth-O-Meter.

The standardization allows readers to recognize fact-checking whenever they come across it on the web and to post Share the Facts on social media and embed the boxes in articles and blog posts.

Fact-checkers can create Share the Facts boxes using a simple template developed by the Duke Reporters’ Lab. The form generates the HTML of the box that can be pasted into a content management system (CMS) or embedded in the same way as a tweet.

Fact-checkers who use the widget in their work can receive a special display in Google search results and Google News, and they have the ability to participate in future fact-checking products being developed at Duke.

Share the Facts boxes are fully machine-readable, enabling new ways of assembling automated collections of fact-check findings from across the Internet. For example, you could set up a page that compiles Share the Fact boxes from a single event or individual.

Share the Facts will be helpful to columnists and bloggers because they’ll be able to compile and display several boxes for a debate or a candidate the same way they embed tweets.

Share the Facts was developed by the Duke Reporters’ Lab and Jigsaw, a technology incubator within Alphabet, the parent company of Google.